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The project Pronostic eventuel …seeks to show what conditions social and political behaviour. Between a modest building with its lackof adecuate construction materrials and absence of aesthetic ambition, and a particularly impossing edifice whose architectural details point to economic, there is a whole hierarchy of social values. The typological study uses comparative methods not unlike the structuralist procedures as described by Roland Barthes: ``the goal of strukturalist activity, be it reflexive or poetical, is is to reconsititute an ``object``, that this reconstitution manifests the functioning rules ( the ``functions``) of this object. The method of the artist of tipological description refers to the history of European culture by calling into question its capacity to partake in the historical reconstraction of Georgie or all Post soviet Union. Whille the artist appears to adress his subiject objectively, there is in the verynature of his confident, apparently architectural approach the desire to express a message, a huge scepticism with regard to the unsolved contraditions embodied in the buildings, their decor and their function.

Anne Tronche. ``The ather side of history `` 2000. Paris.

The idea of the “ possible prognosis “ was inspirated by global changes in political, social and economic life during post - military time in the capital of Georgia, precisly in the capital of Georgia - Tbilisi; due to chronical energo - crises, in a instant plunging the two million town in the darkness, fear and some kind of unconnected memory, of slacke and absolutely incomprehensible home polici. On the other hand - Georgia s foreign policy and its success on the international arena, and important geopolitical significance, give to - Tbilisi, the charm of politically intriging town. Georgia becomes more open for the external world and the external world enters in its life. As a consequense of this, many embassies and consulats apeared on the architectural - political landscape, which show the new status of Georgia. Embassies accepted the whole burder of phisical institution of communication of Georgia with the external world, transformed in the ergenous areas of the post - soviet policy of Georgia. Naturally, the apperiance of embassies attracted the interest of the country sitizens. The project “posibble prognosis “, makes the architectural - political landscape visible from outside, as well as from inside for all citi-zens of Georgia. Secondly, the project investigates how far architectural - estetical “comuflage” is able to express the intensions and aims of the coun-tries, that support frandly and diplomatic relationschip with Georgia. Thirdly, the project aims at revealing the limits of tolerantce, beter to say to explore how far the visual analisis can be allowed. In other words, the project reveals the borders of the ruling determination of democracy constantly oscillating between the stereotyoe of the freedom and ideology; it also exposes how far ( the diplomatic missions ) cooperate in the visual analysis and in the comprehension of history of Georgia. So we make the conscious step towards the dialoque with the external world and also acquante with the architectural scetches of 21 century's “ open society “ in projecting of which everyone will participate... The last step of the project will be the publication of the book, where each diplomatic mission will be presented by 4 aspects: architec-tural context around the embassies, facade, inner space and with one chair or an armchair.

Koka Ramishvili, 1997, Tbilisi, Georgia